август 21, 2018

Gates for your yard manufactured by us

Apart from industrial and garage sectional doors, Secdoor also manufactures and installs for your needs sliding gates, single and double doors, as per your needs, made of thermal panels. All yard gate types are made by steal panels in design and characteristics, identical to the sectional garage doors. The double and sliding gates are mainly used for car entrance to the yard, while single gates are standard pedestrian entrance doors.

юни 28, 2018

Secdoor will export doors in another 28 countries

Another recognition to the contribution of "SID Enterprise” to business, production and commerce in Bulgaria at the pages of Capital newspaper. The growth in sales, described at the pages of the authoritative edition is a result of the quality of the production and the correctness in the business relations.

юни 28, 2018

Doors on rails – successful business with innovations

Another recognition for the team and production of Secdoor, this time, on the pages of Economist magazine, 07.05.2018 "Doors on rails – successful business, underlined by innovations” At a first sight, the door is a prosaic element in the commercial or residential property. However, the door business can be full with poetry, as any other business. Sectional doors – sliding vertically and horizontally on rails, not long ago were not very popular in Bulgaria and even in Europe. The two brothers – Dimitar Dimitrov and StoyanTroshev of Shumen started the assembly of such doors in Plovdiv and currently, they are on the way to build a second factory there.

май 2, 2018

Sеcdoor builds second factory next to Plovdiv

Sеcdoor, the first and largest producer of sectional doors in Bulgaria plans the construction of new factory next to Plovdiv. 20 years ago, the brothers Dimitar Dimitrov and StoyanTroshev started their business by the import of ready doors from the Netherlands. Even at that time, they locate their first production facilities in Plovdiv.

април 16, 2018

Doors open for business

Serious recognition for Secdoor and its managing partners at the pages of Capital newspapers. One real business story, aged 20 years, in times of transition and economic crises, told, in first person, in the column "Entrepreneurs” of the economic official newspaper in Bulgaria, has its sustainable, earned success and a promise for very attractive future.

март 20, 2018

Garage systems Secdoor

Since the beginning of 2018, the teams of Secdoor have installed more than 70 pcs. of garage doors, manufactured in various sizes. The garage doors vary in their sizes, from small individual doors of 2,500x2,000 to large, double doors or doors for collective garages with size of 6,000x2,500. Usually, the height is about 2 or 2.5 meters, and this height is sufficient to allow the entrance of most of the passengers’ vehicles.

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