Doors open for business

Doors open for business

Serious recognition for Secdoor and its managing partners at the pages of Capital newspapers. One real business story, aged 20 years, in times of transition and economic crises, told, in first person, in the column “Entrepreneurs” of the economic official newspaper in Bulgaria, has its sustainable, earned success and a promise for very attractive future.
The two brothers, Dimitar Dimitrov and StoyanTroshev in “Doors open for business”.

Capital, 13.04.2018:

“…The company produces various types of sectional door and 70% of the production is intended for the industry”. “In practice, we make anything which is opened in a factory or logistics center – entrance, fire-resistant, high-speed doors etc.”, says Dimitrov. We have small and large companies among our customers, companies like “Coca-Cola”, “Devin”, “Monbat”, “Jumbo”, most of the importers of motor vehicles etc. The rest of the production consists of garage and gate doors for domestic purposes.”…

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