High quality modular garden fences


A high-quality, elegant modular fence system offers you:

A stylish and aesthetic solution.
High quality.
Quick and easy installation.


Types of panels and colors of fence modular panels

Sandwich panels have a long service life and are made from high quality materials with higher foam density and thicker steel.


The fence modular panels are extremely resistant to atmospheric influences. The strong and durable coating allows the use of the panels at a distance of up to 1 km from the coast:
– easy maintenance;
– 10-year anti-corrosion guarantee.

Thorough testing:
– wind speed, tested up to 120 km/h;
– tested against corrosion;
– tested for UV rays.

Fast installation
Kingspan modular fence panels are easy and quick to install thanks to their long length and light weight.
– Long lengths: 2.5m long and 610mm or 488mm high.
– Low weight: 15 kg (610 mm), 12 kg (488 mm).


This offers the installer several advantages:

Width of sails up to 6 m long.
Fewer panels and posts are needed for the same distance.

Lightweight fence modular panels
Easy to operate and with less labor to install.

Easy uninstallation of the modular fence panels
Create temporary openings quickly and easily.




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 Гаражни Секционни Врати

More than 200,000 pcs. of spare parts on stock

We keep all of the most frequently used and required parts for repair and service of sectional doors in Bulgaria.

 Дългогодишна история и опит при

Long years of history and experience

Secdoor - one of the first in the production and sale of sectional doors

 Дългогодишна история и опит при изграждането на Гаражни Секционни Врати

Short time-frames and installation

We achieve some of the best time frames for production and installation of sectional doors.

 Дистрибуторска мрежа на Гаражни врати в България

Service and care

We offer our customers quick and reliable warranty and post-warranty service.

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Distribution network

We have a well-developed distribution network at the territory of the country.

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Personal attitude

We are always trying to give personal attention to each of our customers.


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