Гаражни Секционни Врати Garage doors automation

Secdoor offers garage doors both with manual and automated opening. With the second option, the drive, which we offer with the doors and its remote control are manufactured by the leaders in the field – the German companies Sommer and Marantec. The quality, which the companies incorporate in their operators, is proven by more than 55 years of experience and they are partners to Secdoor for more than a decade.

The stringent German quality control and strictness guarantee you impeccable operation of the operator. The two companies have received numerous awards for innovation in the field of garage doors automation at the international specialized exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.

We offer you not only German quality, but ideal speed of movement, low energy consumption, compliant design and long service life.

Additional accessories

Several types of accessories are offered to the operators and through them, you can supplement and personalize the door and improve the comfort of its usage, like photocells, buttonholes, signal lights, remote controls, which you can see in our brochures.


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