Гаражни Секционни Врати Yard gates automation

For first time, officially in Bulgaria, the world manufacturer of gates automation Sommer – Made in Germany

Characteristics and Options

Technical parameters:

  • Maximum weight per wing: 300 kg
  • Maximum width of one wing: 2,500 mm
  • Power supply: AC 220…240 V
  • Motor voltage: DC 24 V
  • Operational frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Operational temperature range: –30°C/+70°C
  • Protection class: operator: IP44 control unit: IP65

Functionality of installation:

  • Opening of one or two wings and of different combinations
  • Options for installation of gates opening outwards
  • Adjustable brackets (installation by bolts or by welding)
  • Micro-processor control with wide range of adjustments: usage of pedestrian door, automatic door close, adjustable time
  • Setting in case of hitting of an obstacle (partial or complete opening)
  • Quick installation and easy connection to the electrical grid


  • Self-locking with no requirement of electrical lock
  • Protection against accidents through continuous electronic control, measuring the force (DPS – dynamic power system)
  • The motor can be started or stopped in any position
  • Options for connection of signal light, photo cells or other 24 V protective element


  • Maintenance free
  • Long operation cycles
  • Fully self-learning about the force of pressure
  • 24-volts technology for smooth movement and stop
  • Transformer with energy saving core

Special advantages:

  • The door can be stopped or started in any position
  • The door can be stopped or started in any position
  • Compact construction
  • Synthetic casing, resistant to any weather conditions and UV radiation
  • Steel rack with plastic coating for smooth movement
  • Universal installation bracket for easy installation
  • The set includes: electrical motor, 4,000 mm steel rack, built-in radio receiver with frequency of 868 Mhz, universal installation bracket and four-channel remote control

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