Garage doors

Garage doors are all type of doors, which are used in domestic sector for closing both of individual and common garage areas. There are various types of garage doors – double doors on hingesroller shutters, as well as the doors that have earned their place at the Bulgarian market – sectional garage doors. In the past, the main garage doors type on the market were the so called double metal garage doors, which did not have any insulation and were opened manually.

Roller shutter doors

Gradually, roller shutter doors entered the market. Despite of the fact that they were mainly designed as security doors for shops and offices, in Bulgaria, the roller shutter doors are used as garage doors as well due to their relatively low price. The roller shutter doors have weaker thermal insulation properties, they are noisier and their service life is shorter.

Sectional garage doors of high class at excellent price

The highest-class garage doors, not only in Bulgaria, but also in the world, are the sectional garage doors. They combine perfect thermal insulation properties, quiet opening and closing and reliable long-time operation without any compromise – something the rest of the doors cannot offer.


Doors as per individual design

Our garage doors can be manufactured in different sizes and as opposed to most of our competitors, we manufacture our garage doors as per individual design for each individual customer. This helps the easy and quick installation, which does not require additional chiseling or masonry. On the other hand, this approach saves significant additional expenses to our customers.

The garage doors vary in their sizes, from small individual doors of 2,500×2,000 to large, double doors or doors for collective garages with size of 6,000×2,500. Usually, the height is about 2 or 2.5 meters, and this height is sufficient to allow the entrance of most of the passengers’ vehicles.

The sectional garage doors have one more advantage, which is the possibility to build-in a pedestrian door in the wing of the door itself. In such a way, you have the opportunity to enter in your garage without the requirement to open the entire garage door and in such a way, you save energy, required for heating and cooling.

Another advantage of the sectional garage doors compared to the other door types is the option to built-in windows or complete transparent rows, which allows lighting the premises in a natural way.

Table of advantages of the sectional garage doors:

1. Unsurpassed thermal and noise insulation properties
2. Long-term guaranteed trouble-free operation
3. Leading high-technology innovative solutions
4. Offerings, offering security
5. Diversity in design and colors, resistant to weather conditions.
6. Have all the features required in order to meet the safety requirements of the European Union
7. Variety of accessories facilitating the daily use
8. Minimum maintenance requirements


All of the above advantages, combined with super competitive and affordable prices of the sectional garage doors turn them in the categorical choice in the garage doors market in Bulgaria.

Secdoor is a leading brand in the sectional garage doors market in Bulgaria for almost 20 years thanks to its excellent European quality and good prices.

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 Гаражни Секционни Врати

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