Гаражни Секционни Врати High-speed doors

The specialized high-speed doors are typical for industries, where room temperature control is required as well as the maintenance of dust free environment, which, at the same time, have high level of traffic of vehicles – forklift trucks, electrical forklift trucks etc. They are useful due to their high speed of opening and closing and the resistance to high intensity of operation, which is not provided by the other doors. During the years, the commonly used type was high-speed PVC doors, which required the usage of additional external sectional door, which should provide the security outside of the working process. During the last year, the new high-speed sectional doors entered the market and they are made of thermally insulated steel panels, which combine security, high opening speed and high intensity of operations. Secdoor is the first producer of high-speed sectional doors in Bulgaria, which are offered at the marked since 2015.


High-speed doors

These doors are extremely appropriate for industrial and storage premises with intensive traffic. The high-speed doors are moving with speed of 1 m/s and can be opened unlimited number of times per day. With their opening and closing speed, they protect your premises against the penetration of dust, air contaminants and save electrical power.

You can add many options to them for better traffic regulation:

Transparent sections

Opening and closing radars

  • Photo cells
  • Magnetic inductive loop
  • Remote control
  • Remote cable for opening and closing by forklift trucks and other vehicles.

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