Гаражни Секционни Врати Industrial
sectional doors

The industrial doors of the Secdoor brand are the best solution for your production and storage needs.

of the industrial sectional doors Secdoor

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties – you save up to 30% of the costs for heating in winter and for cooling in summer.

  • Ultra quiet – the silicone rollers and three-phase motors of Marantec- Germany guarantee absolutely noiseless opening and closing.

  • Considering the maximum utilization of your storage and industrial area – the different opening contours guarantee that the space below the door will be utilized to a maximum.

  • European safety and reliability standards – the usage of materials, provided only by leading European manufacturers guarantee the highest quality of our products.

  • Long service life with minimum maintenance requirements – the preventive visits of our service specialists every 6 months or 1 year guarantee the optimum level of operation of your industrial sectional door with no additional costs.

  • Manufactured as per your individual and specific requirements – maximum flexibility, the credo of our organization in relation to the needs of our customers, which guarantees that you are going to receive a door, produced specially for you, a door, which will facilitate and support your operations.

Characteristics and Options

  • Production standard СЕ (ЕN 13241-1)
  • Rails and profiles: galvanized
  • Panel 42 mm
  • Panel filling – polyurethane foam
  • Air permeability Class 4
  • Resistance to water penetration Class 3
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient 1.2 W/(m2K)
  • Noise insulation coefficient 24 dB
  • Power supply 230/400 V/IP54 and IP65
  • Maximum sizes H Max- 8,000 mm, W Max-10,000 mm
  • Color as per RAL

The ideally refined components of your industrial door contribute to perfectly working system even if it is intensively used.

  • Strong steel guides – vertical and horizontal, zinc 275/thickness 2-2.5 mm
  • Massive steel shaft with torsional mechanism, providing the capability for 25,000 cycles of opening – that means more than 10 years of use without the requirement for replacement of the industrial door.
  • Thermal panel 40 mm, with steel thickness of 0.7 mm, which provides both quality thermal insulation and security, and protection to your industrial buildings.
  • Movement rollers and hinges complying with the requirements of noiseless operation.
  • Rubber seals, made of high-quality GPDM, ensuring maximum tightness.
  • Handles and latches for comfort and security.

Our close connections with our partners in Europe guarantee the utilization of security and safety systems of last generation, approved and tested by leading laboratories in the European Union.

  • Device against spring breaking
  • Device against cables breaking
  • System for stopping of the door in case of hitting of an obstacle
  • Options for installation of additional photocells
  • Magnetic switch with pedestrian door option
  • Electronic protection against burglary attempts, built-in the door's automation.

With these options, each customer can model his/her door according to requirements for illumination of the work premises.

The Plexiglas is the recommended material in the construction of sectional industrial doors, due to its flexibility and strength properties. This is very important in case of vibrations, which appear both during door operation and in the technological process, accompanying the work in the industrial premises.

The utilization of transparent rows is a practical solution not only from the point of view of energy saving (the light permeating through the transparent panels significantly reduces the costs for electrical power for illumination of the room), but also from the point of view of aesthetics.

  • Option for rectangular window
  • Option for oval window
  • Option for completely transparent row with options for single or double plexpack.

The opening types are very important because they guarantee the optimum utilization of the space in your industrial buildings. We are always striving the door to follow the contour of the wall and afterwards, the one of the ceiling making sure that in such a way, we do not interfere with the operations performed in the room and at the same time, we guarantee the long-term trouble-free operation of the door. The opening types are determined by the height of the inlet above the door and are:

  • Standard lift – inlet with height between 360-500 mm
  • High lift – inlet with height above 500 mm
  • Vertical lift – inlet with height = the height of the door + 600 mm

We offer you the option to integrate pedestrian door, which to support the processes, when the opening of the entire door is not required. In such a way, the room remains warm in the winter and cool in summer. The pedestrian door can be positioned according to your needs and to be left or right. As an additional option, the installation of a panic bar is offered. Our pass-through doors can have a threshold or not, and in the case, when the option with no threshold is selected, a metal bus, with thickness of 0.5 mm is installed, which allows the passing of cargo trolleys.

We maintain more than 10 colors of industrial panels, covering the most widely used colors in the industry. Additionally, we can deliver conventional industrial panel as per RAL without glazing.

  • The driving options for industrial doors are several types:
  • Manual – only for small / light sectional industrial doors
  • Chain mechanism ¼ – easy and practical method for operation of the sectional door is the manual drive, assisted by the so called chain mechanism. The chain mechanism is an alternative of the electrical motor for doors, which are not opened very frequently or do not require electrical drive. The usage of the chain requires minimum efforts, thanks to the balance of the components, ensuring the movement of the door. Its advantage is that it is possible, after time, to replace the chain mechanism with electrical drive, when this becomes necessary.
  • Electrical motor 440V– MARANTEC Germany.

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