Гаражни Секционни Врати Secdoor metal doors

The metal doors, offered by Secdoor can be used for different purposes and this is the reason why they are called multi-purpose doors. They can be used not only in industrial and commercial complexes, but in office and residential buildings as well. The doors are made of fully galvanized and powder-painted steel, which makes the metal doors very rigid and durable. Their good quality provides them with security and reliability.

The metal doors, offered by Secdoor are characterized by:

  • wing thickness of 40, 50 and 60 mm;
  • coating against scratching, orange peel type;
  • four-sided frame, with removable threshold and option for changing of the opening direction;
  • filling of honeycomb, mineral wool as well as combination of these two materials for even better thermal and sound insulation;термична и звукова изолация;
  • three-point lock Secur;
  • spring hinges for automatic closing;
  • high quality locks and latches;
  • range of various and specific accessories.


The capability of the door to be single and double, one- and two-sided and painted in any color as per RAL makes their application endless. You can use them in your shop, storage area, production premises, offices and commercial areas, inter-floor and entrance areas, in basement, attic and garage rooms of your home. The Secdoor metal multi-purpose doors are perfect addition to our range of high-quality fireproof doors.

Model Thickness Filling Frame Latch Left/
Rever 40 mm honeycomb 4-sided 48х44 mm yes yes yes
Univer 50 mm Min. wool 4-sided 53х55 mm yes yes yes
Proget 60 mm honeycomb + min. wool extremely rigid, 4-sided

70х100 mm

yes yes self-
locking second wing


When making your selection, you should consider the location where the door is to be used, how often it is to be opened, what is the purpose of the room, the size of the opening in which the door is going to be installed – what is the base (type of the wall) and who is going to make the installation. If you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to ask the specialists of Secdoor for assistance.


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