Гаражни Секционни Врати Leveling ramps

Secdoor offers to its customers leveling hydraulic platforms, scissor lifts, loading bridges of the established German manufacturer PromStahl.

Leveling loading ramps

The loading ramps provide safe and effective connection between the storehouse and the transport vehicle, helping to overcome:

The difference in levels between the storehouse and the transport vehicle

For direct access of forklift trucks and trolleys to the transport vehicle and vice versa

  • For overcoming of the change in levels of the truck, the ramp follows the truck during loading or unloading


The loading ramps allow you to quickly, easily, and most importantly, safely, to make connection between your storehouse and the transport vehicle by a simple push of a button on the control board and with another push, to break the connection.

  • Scissor lifts

    The scissor platforms are intended for the performance of loading and unloading operations from ground zero to an elevation of 1,700 mm, by lifting and lowering the lifting device - forklift trucks, trolleys etc. together with them. The scissor lifts are universal equipment with great level of multi-functionality, easy maintenance, long service life and they comply to all safety requirements. They are driven by hydraulic system, installed in the shaft of the platform. They are offered in different options of sized and loading capacities.

  • Leveling loading bridges

    The loading bridges are used to make a connection between the storehouse and the transport vehicle. They are universal piece of equipment with wide range of operations because they can serve both tall transport vehicles and lower buses and trucks. They are made of metal for longer bridging distances and of aluminum for shorter ones. The loading bridges have another major advantage as well - they can be installed on a rail parallel to the length of the ramp and even one bridge can serve the entire ramp and more than one transport vehicle at a time.

  • Mobile ramps

    The mobile ramp provides opportunity for loading and unloading of trucks, containers or railway cars from ground zero level. The entire process of maneuvering and loading / unloading can be controlled only by one person. These ramps are made by firmly welded steel sheets and their entire surface is composed by stable metal profiles, which are optimally sized and appropriate for all loads types.

  • Guiding tubing systems

    They are used for the accurate and precise guidance of the transport vehicle to the loading and unloading location. In such a way, bumps and damages to the ramps, buildings or the transport vehicle are prevented. Their smooth surface protects the vehicle tyres and rims. All parts are hot galvanized.

  • Buffers

    Protective buffers for safe contact between the vehicle and the storehouse. Manufactured of high-quality EPDM and their metal parts are hot galvanized.

Characteristics and Options

  • Various installation configurations
  • Loading capacity up to 10 tons
  • Anti-slippery coating
  • Hot-galvanized platforms
  • Rustproof platforms
  • Color, as per RAL catalogue

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