Гаражни Секционни Врати Parking lot barriers and access control


In order to limit the undesired parking in front of your shop or office, to perform access control to your company parking area or factory – our high-quality parking barriers are excellent choice at excellent price.

Without complicated construction and without hindering the visibility, they provide a perfect service. If it is not required to block a given entrance or exit completely by sliding or double door, you can choose one of our barriers. Full automation through modern and highly efficient energy saving motors. Control through remote control, magnetic loop or access card, the necessity of live guards is eliminated.

The barriers ASB-6010, which we offer to your attention, are manufactured by  Sommer- Germany, world leader in the automation of doors and approaches. They take care of the access to underground garages, parking lots and work entrances, and are a perfect supplement to the range of operators for sliding gates and double doors.

Characteristics and Options

  • Economic installation - Thanks to Plug & Go, installation consists only of set-up and connection.
  • Barrier beam length: up to 6 meters, red and white colour, possibility to make shorter on the spot
  • Maximum clear height 2 meters for hinged arm parking barriers
  • Rated vonltage: 230V
  • High speed barrier (up to 3 meters beam): around 3 seconds
  • Standard park barrier: approximately 5-10 seconds (depending on barrier arm length)
  • Temperature range: from −20°C to +60°C
  • CE marked
  • Certified to EN 12445 and EN 12453.
  • Integrated Radio frequency FM 868.8 MHz
  • Possibility to fit accessories e.g. LED strip on the beam or a signal lamp
  • Options for moveable or fixed stopper at the end of the beam
  • Electronic monitoring force
  • Soft start/stop
  • Push security device
  • Anti-block device
  • Limiting duration of movements
  • Auto close function
  • Electronic circuit breaker
  • Double barrier synchronisation
  • Integrated messages
  • Link for signal lights
  • Connections for buttons, code keypads and key switches
  • Connections for an alarm system
  • Link for final position
  • Reset function
  • Programmable closing speed
  • Locking system

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