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garage doors

Secdoor offers you thermo-insulated sectional garage doors with materials from Germany and the Netherlands, from producers with proven experience at global level. Leading standards, high technologies and stringent quality control are used during the design and manufacturing of the doors.

The sectional garage doors with the Secdoor brand are offered in variety of colors and models. Do not hesitate to contact our sales consultants in order to acquire information about our full range and possible options.

Advantages of
of the sectional garage doors Secdoor

  • They save room thanks to the fact that they open in sections, close to the ceiling of your garage.

  • Noiseless during use thanks to the silicone and rubber elements.

  • Easy service and maintenance once per year, ensuring long service life of the sectional door.

  • Large variety of colors and panels, which allows you to select the best possible option for your home, your needs and your preferences.

  • The thermal insulation allows you to maintain proper temperature both during the summer heat and during the winter cold.

  • Increased reliability and security thanks to the technologies against breaking of springs and cables as well as compliance with the European industry standards.

Characteristics and Options

  • Production standard СЕ (ЕN 13241-1)
  • Resistance to water penetration Class 3
  • Wind resistance Class 3
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient 1,2 W/(m2K)
  • Air permeability Class 4
  • Noise insulation coefficient 24 dB
  • Rails and profiles: galvanized
  • Maximum sizes H Max- 8,000 mm, W Max-10,000 mm
  • Color as per RAL
  • Panel insulation – polyurethane foam
  • Motor protection class IP 54 / Power 220/230 V Construction elements
  • Thermal insulation panel with thickness of 42 mm, which, together with the steel layer of 0.7 mm, not only keeps the temperature within tolerable limits, but also provides better security to your garage.
  • Solid shaft made of steel, providing the garage door with life of more than 30 years with more than 24,000 openings and closings.
  • Rubber seals, manufactured from GPDM, for maximum tightness.
  • Hinges and rollers ensuring minimum noise levels.
  • Strengthened horizontal and vertical steel guides with thickness of 2-2.5 mm.
  • Latches and handles, providing comfort and security.

The high quality materials and elements used for the production of Secdoor garage doors guarantee longevity and reliability, even with highest loads.

  • The automation of the door is with built-in electronic mechanism for burglary protection.
  • Sensor system stopping the door closing action when an obstacle is reached
  • Systems against braking of springs and cables
  • Incorporation of additional photo cells, if required
  • Magnetic switch if a pedestrian door is added

Secdoor sectional garage doors are made of materials from Germany and the Netherlands and leading technologies for safety, as well as system for quality and security evaluation are utilized in their production. The doors incorporate many elements and devices, tested in specialized European laboratories, providing maximum reliability, safety and security to the customer.

In order to select the color of the garage door, which best suits to your home and facade, we offer you 120 colors to choose from.

Sectional garage doors – colors

We offer you the same variety in selection of panels – according to your preferences; we offer both minimalistic options, which will supplement the appearance of your building as well as beautiful imitations of wood.

You can personalize not only the colors and panels of your garage doors but you can add functional elements as well.

If required, you can add smaller door for pedestrians, which will allow you to use your garage even when it is not required to get your vehicle in it.  In such a way, the temperature of the garage is better maintained, because the larger door is not opened.

Apart from pedestrian door, you can also add a window or even a row of windows in design and pattern as per your choosing, which will allow the penetration of day light in your garage, which will provide more comfort for work or for practicing of your hobby in it.

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