Garage systems Secdoor

Garage systems Secdoor

Since the beginning of 2018, the teams of Secdoor have installed more than 70 pcs. of garage doors, manufactured in various sizes. The garage doors vary in their sizes, from small individual doors of 2,500×2,000 to large, double doors or doors for collective garages with size of 6,000×2,500. Usually, the height is about 2 or 2.5 meters, and this height is sufficient to allow the entrance of most of the passengers’ vehicles.

Secdoor offers Swiss thermal panels with different decoration, some of which are Golden Oak, wall-nut tree, wenge, anthracite , white etc.

Customers from all over the country took advantage of our favorable terms and supplemented the exterior of their homes, during the most convenient stage of the construction of their houses. The garage doors of Secdoor can be fitted with additional facilities, improving comfort, like pedestrian door and various types of windows, selected from a rich product range.

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