Sеcdoor builds second factory next to Plovdiv

Sеcdoor builds second factory next to Plovdiv

Article of Maritsa newspaper from 02.05.2018

Sеcdoor, the first and largest producer of sectional doors in Bulgaria plans the construction of new factory next to Plovdiv. 20 years ago, the brothers Dimitar Dimitrov and StoyanTroshev started their business by the import of ready doors from the Netherlands. Even at that time, they locate their first production facilities in Plovdiv.

Today, the two entrepreneurs are about to make a new investment due to the increase of the production capacity and the expanding markets of the company in Asia. “With the new factory, the capacity of our company will increase from 3,000 doors per year, which is our present capacity, to 7-10 thousand doors”, said for Maritsa Mr. StoyanTroshev, managing partner in Secdoor. As per preliminary estimation, the investment will reach 3 million BGN and the realization of the entire project – 5 million BGN.

The factory will be built in the village of Tsararsovo, Municipality Maritsa and its construction will be initiated in the autumn, assured us from the company. At the end of the last year “SID Enterprise”, owner of the brand Secdoor have acquired a plot of 7.5 decares in Municipality Maritsa. The total area of the factory will be 4,500 sq.m. and it is going to produce various types of sectional doors. Today, 70% of the production of the company is intended for industry and the rest are domestic garage and gate doors.

The main part of the sale of Secdoor are in Bulgaria. However, about 10% of the production is exported to Middle East. The company has good positions at markets, like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Qatar, and Dubai. This is the reason why the investors choose Plovdiv again for the expansion of their business.

“The city is convenient to us as a transport corridor. Our new factory will be located only at 500 meters from the highway, which is important for the export of our production towards foreign markets.” There is another motive in the selection of the location – the employees. “It is an advantage that 99% of our employees come from that region – their experience is valuable to us. It is very difficult for us to find good quality workforce these days. Many new factories appeared in the economic areas around Plovdiv, which depletes the available resources” pointed out StoyanTroshev.

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